abby e. murray, writer & instructor

Violin Lessons

violinI've been offering private violin lessons to students of all ages (all of them beginners) since 2006. My lessons are based on Shinichi Suzuki's learning philosophies and have always incorporated an equal balance of humor and discipline. Lessons are tailored around three different groups of musical selections: 1) classical basics in the Suzuki method books, 2) special interests of the student - themes, soundtracks, genres, etc. 3) if available, the music assigned in outside classrooms.

While I do have a student violin available for rent, I think it's a good idea for students to become acquainted with their local music shops, their rental equipment, and their maintenance options. My rental can be loaned out for a small monthly fee, to be discussed at the first diagnostic lesson.

At our first meeting, we will discuss your specific goals and look at your options for study. We will set up a tentative six-month plan(s) of what you would like to accomplish and which pieces you would like to master. Then we'll start practicing! At each lesson, you will take home at least one assignment, to be completed and recorded in your practice notebook.

Lessons begin at $30/half hour, and $45/hour. I have practice space in my own home (as well as space for parents/guardians to wait comfortably), but I am also willing to teach in the student's home. Email me for more details and to set up your first appointment!